Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tips on showering a tired toddler

We had a new shower fitted last night and although the lovely man fitting it showed me how to work it, it kinda went in one ear and out the other.

Waking up this morning to Taylor stinking of sour milk where he had let his new cup leak all over him - it was a different story completely! And I couldn't figure out for the life of me how the hell to use this contraption!!

Taylor on the other hand, had woken up in a terrible mood and obviously needed a good hours sleep - and was NOT impressed when I summoned him to be washed *evil cackle*...

Obviously, there are tricks to handling the situation so nobody gets hurt, so below are my tips on showering a tired toddler:

1) Bribe the toddler to get them undressed.

2) Make sure there is no way they can escape the bathroom (this is a biggie, especially, if like us there isn't actually a bath in there, just a wetroom).

3) Back the toddler into the shower, providing them with lots of colourful distractions*.

*Note; do not use bleach or any other cleaning shiz, its bad for them!!

4) If there are any corners or sharp bits, make sure you cushion them for when the tired toddler throws themself onto the floor. - This does happen!!

5) Let the toddler wash themself, this takes the edge off the whole 'mum is forcing me to wash' business! (Make sure they don't eat the soap).

6) A simple rugby ball hold position (where you have hold of the toddler under your arm) is the way forward when washing a screaming toddlers hair.

7) Just remember, water will not melt them, kill them or poison them, so ignore the screaming - obviously make sure there is no shampoo in their eye.

8) When washing the soap off, the easiest way is to hold the child with your knees and rinse them over with the showerhead...

9) Next time, wait til they aren't tired :-p

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Some rules about Sunday that the Little Man has yet to learn...

1) Sunday morning's are for sleeping in!

2) When you have kept mummy up the majority of the night, it is polite to let her have more than three hours sleep.

3) Sunday mornings are for waking DADDY up, not mummy - too bad of he's at work, you will have to go back to sleep.

4) Destroying mummy and daddys bedroom to look for pennies is not an appropriate thing to do on a Sunday morning (or any morning really), when mummy needs some shut-eye.

5) You will be forgiven for waking mummy up, IF, you climb in bed and snuggle up :-)

It's not hard Taylor xxxx

Testing out the webcam... by Taylor

My mummy's old lappytop has got poorly and won't charge, so we visited PC world today and got a new, cool lappytop! This one has got a funky little camera built in so I can take pictures of myself much easier! Ha! - So obviously I had to test it out and get to know how to work it.

Here is a photographic of me and my mummy

Buzz and Woody

So my son has got his Toy Story addiction from his mother... it was the first film I ever went to see.. and the first film Taylor ever watched. And he bloody loves it! He brings it to me to watch whenever I suggest watching a dvd (he also brings it when I don't but hey ho).

Taylor's godmother bought him a build-a-bear teddy with a Woody outfit for his first birthday, a year later mummy has decided to invest in a Buzz costume - Taylor is chuffed with it!! He is currently flying a monkey in a Buzz costume around the living room - its memories like these I will one day forget, but for the moment I will treasure them as they make my heart melt...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Introducing Taylor... by Taylor

Hey there. I'm Taylor (or Little Man as my mother has branded me). I just turned two and I'm as cute as anything.

I'm gonna be the star of my own blog stories - The Toddler Tales - which are all gonna be about lil'old me! I am waiting for my mummy to set me a page up on here, but she needs to bring her ancient lappytop (or something) back to life first.

A little about me - well, I love exploring. The Bigs* call it making mischief - "Pffft" is what I say to that!

If things don't go my own way, I just know the world is gonna end - again, the Bigs call it a 'tantrum' - so I scream, cry, kick, throw myself on the floor slightly - who doesn't?!

I'm also very very cute... and I will let you into a secret - all the lady peoples fall in love with me when I work my smile :-)

That's enough for now...


* Bigs - my own term for grow'd ups

Moan of the day!

Why do hospital car parks (or any car parks for that matter) display a sign saying 'SPACES' - and make you take a ticket that you have to pay for to get out of the carpark, yet after driving up and down every inch of the car park, there are no bloody spaces?

So what am I to do?

1) Perform some Grand Theft Auto move and smash through the barrier (as I refuse to pay the £2.50 minimum payment for driving round in circles and being unable to park)?

2) Park slap bang in the middle of the carpark so noone else can get a space before me?

3) Drive round in circles til someone decides to go home?

Well luckily an old dear had decided to go home (or wherever she was going) and I managed to nab her spot before anyone else coming early to get a spot before visiting time... Otherwise I would have gone with number 1!!!i

Hey Fatty Bum-Bum

Today is the day...

For the millionth time I am going to lose weight! But this time I'm gonna stick to it - I've got wedding photos to look nice in ;-)

My secret weapon? Lists, lots and lots of lists. If I write a to do list, I cannot rest until everything has been ticked off.

I'm also going to plan meals, do food diaries and exercise (on my list, obviously).

It's worked in the past. It is just me that gives up once I start seeing some results - but it will be different this time, as I've found my wedding dress... and hen night outfit. Can't be getting arrested for indecent exposure wearing them outfits at this size hahaha.

I won't be blogging alot about my weightloss. However, every so often I will post a photo to keep me motivated...

So, watch this space!